Sanders Market


Mr. Roy and Mrs. Dollie Sanders  

Our Products

We are known for our fresh made to order submarine sandwiches. All of our meats are cut in-house. Don't see what you like just ask. We also offer a wide variety of grocery and frozen items. The produce is always fresh, and when we can we buy local! Our bakery section is most well-known for its home-made banana bread and delicious sticky buns.   We also carry Dollar Items and have over 70 different products to choose from!

Sanders Market Submarines

Fresh Cut Meats

If beef is what you are craving, you have come to the right place. All of our meat is cut in house. We grind our ground beef, daily and have been told numerous times “It’s the best!” Our poultry is high quality, we get it delivered three times a week. If you need livers, for fishing come see us. As for pork, we carry in bone and boneless. We can cut what you want however you would like to have it. We also have our own ground sausage that is time tested for over 50 years!
Subs at Sanders Market are always made to order any way you would like it prepared. In a rush to get somewhere? Call ahead, and we will have them waiting for you to pick up. You can also get white or wheat sandwich bread if a sub is too much. Any of the above can be made out of any deli meat or cheese items.



Our bakery items are baked in-house throughout the week. Sticky buns (with or without walnuts) are a hit! We also have iced cinnamon buns. Our specialty is our from scratch banana bread. This now comes in plain, with nuts, or chocolate chips. In a hurry and need a pie? We have already baked pies ready for you to swing in and pick up, and don't forget the ice cream!
Our grocery department offers a wide selection from  the sometimes hard to find items and the everyday essentials. Our freezer section has frozen breakfast foods, frozen dinners, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, and much more! We carry name brands as well as our own brand Best Yet!  We also carry Health and Beauty Supplies. Need to get over some aches and pains, we have all sorts of medicines to help your ailments. 

Fresh Produce

Hot Deli Food

Check out our fresh produce! We carry your basic fruit and veggie needs, plus a variety of citrus during the winter months. While in summer we stock watermelon, cantaloupes, and corn. Looking for a quick, healthy snack? Check out our fruit cups. 
Need fried chicken here is the spot. We fry Monday-Saturday. Livers, gizzards, or hearts are done Monday through Friday. Also in our hot deli bar, we have potato wedges, steamers, and mac and cheese. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we have fish sandwiches. Hungry for soups, we make our own vegetable and chili daily and a third soup that changes every day.
Need a large quantity of fried chicken or potato wedges for a special order? Call ahead for pricing and ordering.